Zandra Illustration Rebrand

Zandra Illustration Products

Zandra Conley is an illustrator and animator who knew she wanted something more intentional for her logo than what she could do on her own. While she is an incredibly talented designer herself, she felt my custom lettering could best complement her skillset. Initially, she came to Lettering Works in 2017 looking for a logo for her illustration and animation side hustle. Together, we collaboratively developed a logo that worked well alongside her own characters and work.

Fast forward a couple of years and Zandra drastically grew in her side hustle (we are talking over 670 sales on Etsy since 2017 kind of growth). At this time, Zandra found herself focusing primarily on illustration, and further developed her style overall. Her logo still worked, but we both knew it could better represent her growth and current work.

Zandra Illustration Rebrand - Old and New Logos

Zandra Illustration Logo - Then & Now

Zandra’s initial logo incorporated a squiggly, drawn element that was found in much of her early work. It included both “illustration” and “animation”. With the changes that Zandra saw to how she spent her time and the new work she developed, we felt it was important to refocus her brand to simply illustration. Upon analyzing Zandra’s characters and her work, we found that many were cute and chubby - something that her previous logo didn’t reflect. The new logo came as the result of looking through her progress and growth and designing something to match. While the general layout of the design stayed very similar, the update added new energy to Zandra’s developing brand.

Zandra Illustration - The Process

Zandra Illustration Rebrand - New Options

In order to arrive at the final design - I explored several options that blended her old logo into a new look as well as completely redrawn versions. Zandra fell in love with the last option - one that perfectly complements her current work.

Zandra Illustration - The Result

Zandra Illustration Rebrand - Final Logo

Zandra is reopening her Etsy shop on June 21st - after a move to Pennsylvania for a new creative job. You won’t want to miss your chance to purchase her adorable stickers, enamel pins, and other unique products. Here’s the style of work to expect to find in her shop:

All photos by Sarah Waldo of Violet and Ivy Photography.