Chicago Style Postcards Coming Soon!

Chicago Style Postcards with Hello Peoria Design

Learn more about the project and help support the launch via the Chicago Style Postcards Kickstarter.

It’s been a solid five days (three working days, but who’s counting?) since arriving in Chicago to continue building my career as a freelance designer. My main goals during this transition stage are to meet new creatives, work on developing a Chicago product line, and ultimately expand my client work in this new market. This new passion project launching so soon after my move shouldn’t come as a surprise, because I have been working on it for over a month behind the scenes. I actually have over ten different design drafts for Chicago style designs in the works. They are currently available for viewing exclusively to Kickstarter campaign backers. Pledge $1 or more to gain access to the designs, vote on your favorites, and stay informed with project updates.


I move to Chicago and my first goal is to develop a unique line of postcards. But why? Well, when Lettering Works began in 2016, the original series of four Peoria Postcards - featuring the orange “Greetings from Peoria, Illinois” and three Illinois silhouette designs: “Peoria Illinois - The Whiskey City,” “I Heart Peoria, IL,” and “Greetings from Peoria, Illinois” - served as the foundation for establishing a presence in the community. The new line of Chicago Style postcards will help establish Lettering Works in the Chicago community and serve as the foundation for a growing collection hand-lettered Chicago products.

Peoria Postcards


This isn’t my first Kickstarter Campaign. I’ve crowd-sourced funding for both Just My Type of Lettering and 100 Days of Peoria: The Book. I’ve learned an incredible amount about the platform and how to grow my work and reach through creative campaigns. I feel that a boost to my funding upfront can truly launch my entire Chicago product line and help me establish myself in Chicago. The other big factor in choosing Kickstarter versus selling existing designs in a special sale or some other creative marketing deal is that I want to get the new postcards in the hands of those most interested in them. I view this Kickstarter campaign as a pre-sale for the postcards and a way of letting me gauge interest so I know how many to print.

If it goes really well, I have lot of additional ideas lined up that can expedite the process of developing my own product line for Chicago. I am ready to pour my creative energy into building this new work up and need your help to make it happen. I’ve learned through my experiences in Peoria that is much easier to sell your services when you have something specific to physically show. Check out the Kickstarter for more information on how you can bring the new series of postcards to life.