Chicago Sticker Collection Preview

If postcards aren't your thing, but Chicago and stickers are... you're in luck! I’ve been hard at work developing a full line of Chicago products that I am hoping to fully release within the next couple months. In case you missed it, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring my Chicago Style Postcards to life. I’ve just added a new reward which contains a full set of six different Chicago stickers!

If you are familiar with my work, you know that my sticker collection has been steadily growing since Summer 2016 - anyone remember the original yellow I Heart Peoria IL and ice cream stickers?. Having gotten the design and print process down since then, it was only natural that I transition my development energy from postcards to stickers. I'm too excited about these samples I just had printed to not share them:

Chicago Sticker Collection by Lettering Works

For now, the only way to get the new Chicago stickers is as a set via this Kickstarter. So essentially you can pre-order them, with delivery set right after the Kickstarter is complete - in July. An important note about Kickstarter: it’s an all-or-nothing funding platform, meaning I need to reach my goal of $685 by June 30th to receive any funding. The good news is that we are over halfway there! I intentionally set my goal knowing it is the minimum needed to kickstart this Chicago product line (there’s a full breakdown of my budget in the campaign details if that interests you). The reasons I'm limiting sales of the stickers to the Kickstarter are (1) that I only have a couple samples of each sticker printed and (2) that I want any sales to contribute to building out the full product line, and this Kickstarter is how I can most efficiently make it happen.

Once the Kickstarter ends, I'll be adding them (as well as the postcards) to for individual sale. In the meantime, you're always welcome to shop the full Lettering Works collection of stickers and hand-lettered goods at

Thank you for taking the time to read and support these new Chicago designs! I'd love to hear your thoughts on which you like the best - feel free to comment or send me a message! Also, if you happen to know of any Chicago shops that might be interested in selling these products once they are produced, I’m almost ready to connect with them!

BONUS: Pride is coming to Chicago this weekend and next. Here’s a special variant of my new Chicago Heart sticker I created to celebrate. I’ve got a limited run available for sale:

Chicago Heart - Pride Sticker
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