Marty Monologues - 45 Minutes of Fame

Marty Monologues - 45 Minutes of Fame - Poster Design

Marty Monologues 3 - 45 Minutes of Fame - Poster by Lettering Works

Andy Warhol is known for once saying “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” and sparking the concept of “15 minutes of fame.” If you know Marty Wombacher, you know that he has some incredible stories - some of him in the spotlight of fame. The third “The Marty Monologues” show is appropriately titled “45 Minutes of Fame” as Marty will share stories of the three times he experienced his “15 minutes of fame.”

The poster and promotional designs align with Andy Warhol’s pop art style, blending Marty’s colorful personality with recognizable graphics that showcase the theme of the next monologue show. The poster even includes a fun tribute to the Warhol quote: “Andy Warhol told me I’d be famous for 15 minutes, he just didn’t say it would happen three times.”

The third “The Marty Monologues” show will be coming to Peoria on Sunday, October 20th at the Apollo Theatre and to New York on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Kraine Theater. More information about the shows can be found at Meanwhile Back in Peoria, Marty Wombacher’s popular Peoria blog.

Promotional Social Graphics

Marty Monologues - 45 Minutes of Fame - Pop Art Can Pattern
Marty Monologues - 45 Minutes of Fame - Social Graphics
Marty Monologues - 45 Minutes of Fame - Social Graphics

We had fun creating some variants of the poster design for social media usage and further promotion of the show. Be sure to follow along with the show’s progress by following Marty on Facebook at both Meanwhile Back in Peoria and The Marty Monologues Facebook page.

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For three shows, Marty has trusted Lettering Works to design a unique poster to represent and promote his latest creative works. Marty is a true dream client in providing concise inspiration and ideas, but ultimately letting us run with creative ideas. You won’t want to miss his upcoming Monologue Show this October!

If you are in need of unique promotional graphics for your upcoming event or latest venture, be sure to reach out to us via our contact form!

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