Lettering Works is Moving!

Lettering Works is moving to Chicago!*

Now that I have your attention, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made my time in Peoria such an incredible experience AND assure you that I will be continuing working with Peoria clients. I am excited to bring new connections and ideas from Chicago back to Peoria and will be forever grateful to this place for fostering the growth of my small business.

*I say “Lettering Works is moving to Chicago” because I am moving to Chicago June 1st and I suppose that means that Lettering Works is coming with, although you shouldn’t expect to see Lettering Works disappear from Peoria - because there are enough projects floating around to last quite a while in addition to new ones I will continue to accept.

Why Chicago?

For anyone who doesn’t know, I am originally from the Chicago suburbs. I grew up always hoping that I’d be able to spend a year in my twenties in the city. This will be that year. I am excited for the new challenges and opportunities that a larger market will provide. I look forward to reconnecting with those I’ve worked with in the Chicago area as well as making new connections.

Thoughts on Peoria

Peoria has provided me a solid foundation and the best start to my business. From winning the $10,000 from Bradley’s Student Entrepreneurship competition that allowed me to set up shop here to the many lessons and experiences I gained, I feel Peoria equipped me to more confidently move into a larger market. Without the many individuals that have stood behind me, encouraged me, and hired me in this area, I don’t believe I’d be ready to take this next step for my business.

Peoria has a lot of potential. When I started out in business, I had so much hope that I could make a difference. And while I feel (and hope) that I did, I know there are a lot of factors and reasons why things can’t always move as quickly here as we would like. I poured my heart and soul into building this city into something better and I hope that I left it better off than when I got here. To my friends in Peoria, keep making things happen. After these three years in business here, I am even more excited to see where we are at in the next three.

Have a project you’d like to work together on? Now is the time to reach out! I’m taking appointments through the end of May and can be reached via the Lettering Works Contact Form.


BONUS! If you enjoyed 100 Days of Peoria, you’ll be happy to know that I'm doing a mini series "25 More Days of Peoria" with twenty five new illustrations which will start May 7th and run through the end of May. You can follow along at www.instagram.com/100daysofpeoria.