Lettering Works' 10 Greatest Accomplishments

Addy Awards 2018

Lettering Works began in 2016 and has seen some pretty incredible moments - all as a result of tireless efforts to pursue lettering and design as a full-time career.

Here are the top 10 greatest accomplishments, in no particular order:

  1. Winning $10,000 in startup funding from Project Springboard, Bradley University’s Student Entrepreneurship Competition.

  2. Writing and self-publishing “Just My Type of Lettering.” It won American Advertising Awards at the regional, District, and National level. It was my first successful Kickstarter, raising $2,718.

  3. Holding an artist residency at the Prairie Center of the Arts, followed by my first non-group art show: “One City, Six Ways.”

  4. Designing popular Peoria Snapchat filters that have literal MILLIONS of views.

  5. Sticking to a daily drawing project: 100 Days of Peoria, turning it into a book (another successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $2,526), and sharing insights and presenting at The Business of Art Conference.

  6. Receiving a Small Business Excellence Award from the City of Peoria for contributions to the community.

  7. Winning four American Advertising Awards, including two Judge’s Choice Awards at a local competition - only two pieces were submitted, making it extra special. Pictured above.

  8. Designing Peoria products that are sold locally and promote pride in the community.

  9. Maintaining a consistent mix of client, community, art, and passion projects.

  10. Receiving press coverage - WMBD, Peoria Magazines, Journal Star, and WTVP - for doing what I love.

Want to join Lettering Works in celebrating three years in business? Check out our upcoming events on Facebook including Lettering Works Third Anniversary Ribbon Cutting and 3 Lessons from the First 3 years in Business.