Why Your Logo Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Cost Under $100

Lettering Works for a Cause Logo Design

The creative process for developing a brand is quite extensive, if done correctly.

Here’s an outline of what a typical project entails:

  • Initial inquiry + discussion about project

  • Meeting (Optional)

  • Proposal - complete with research, recommendations, and strategy

  • Contract and invoice

  • Questionnaire or Meeting

  • Research

  • Sketches and ideation

  • Refining sketches

  • Presentation to client/first draft

  • Communication and feedback (could be multiple rounds)

  • Design revisions (could be multiple rounds)

  • Finalization of designs

  • Final communications, payment, and follow up

Design Process

Branding projects are often more involved than other graphic design projects because they require more in-depth strategy, research, and intention. A logo sets the tone for a brand and is often the first touch point when someone encounters a business. Developing a brand strategy and guidelines around that logo and beyond is essential to building an effective business. Partnering with a designer whose style aligns with your vision for your brand and whose ideas you trust is essential for developing the brand (or rebrand) you need.

Beyond the time that goes into a design being well over $100 worth, if you want to build a business that has value, you’ll want to invest in it from the beginning. Designers are experts at crafting meaningful images and creating a meaningful value that your business can leverage in its growth.

You get what you pay for, and I’d recommend that you’d look at investing as much as is reasonable for your business. Sure, you can snag a generic logo from the internet for under $100. But if you want a logo that will last - one that will be formatted correctly for your future needs - you will want to invest quite a bit more.

If you are interested in starting the conversation about how Lettering Works can help you build the brand you deserve, send us a message!