Inspiration from Ireland

Ever since studying abroad in college, travel has become an essential aspect of nurturing my creativity. I truly believe in the value of taking time to travel, which you can read more about in my previous travel blog post that I wrote after my trip to England earlier this year.

Although exploring my new home of Chicago has felt largely like vacation for the two months I’ve lived here, I was of course excited to once again pack my backpack and explore a truly new place. I feel refreshed after this trip to England and Ireland. Ireland was especially cool because I had never been before.

I enjoy that I’ve built a life that incorporates frequent travel and allows me to refuel my creativity often. This helps me enjoy the work that I do, avoid burn out, and provide creative design solutions that consider multiple approaches and perspectives.

After attending a wedding in Liverpool, and visiting with family for a day in Manchester, I spent five days in Ireland. I had three full days in Dublin followed by two days of day trips - one touring the Malahide Castle and Howth and another to explore Kilkenny and the Wicklow Mountains. The endless green landscapes, quaint pubs, and historic architecture stood out most to me as I kept an open eye for new inspiration.

Here are some photos from the trip taken by Daniel Hart that I hope will inspire you:

BONUS: The Wedding GIFT

Amanda (a dear friend that I have been friends with since high school) and her now husband Tom asked me to work on a special illustration to be used for their guest book as well as gifts for their wedding guests. Their wedding reception was held at their favorite local pub in Liverpool - so I created an illustration of the iconic bar. This design was turned into stickers and magnets that each wedding guest got to take home as a remembrance of the special day.

Amanda and Tom - Wedding Illustration

I always enjoy creating truly custom designs that have so much meaning to their recipients. If you are in need of a custom design or illustration for a wedding or special event, send me a message via the Lettering Works contact form. After this creatively refreshing trip, I am ready to tackle all your branding and custom design needs.