Chicago Sticker Collection Launch

Stickers are undoubtedly a Lettering Works favorite. After two months of being in Chicago, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve got a full line-up of Chicago-inspired stickers.

Lettering Works Chicago Sticker Collection

Lettering Works Chicago Sticker Collection currently features nine unique designs - Chicago Style (Deep Dish) Pizza (in 2 sizes), Chicago Flag, Chicago Skyline, Chicago Style Hot Dog (in 2 sizes), I Heart Chicago IL, Chicago Pride Heart, Chicago Heart (in 2 sizes), Hello Chicago, and Chicago Theatre Sign.

The collection features bright red and light blue - inspired by the Chicago flag - complemented by a navy and other colors that match the real-life objects represented. Many of the stickers correspond to the Chicago Style Postcards, which were Lettering Works’ first-launched Chicago project.

These stickers are all a high-quality, durable vinyl that is weather-resistant and works great on a variety of surfaces including laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and even cars.

Shop the collection exclusively on our website, while we work with local shops to bring them into some of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. For wholesale inquires, send an email to Chelsie at letteringworks[at]

The new Chicago designs don’t stop there. 100 Days of Chicago is launching THIS WEEK. Want a daily dose of black and white illustrations that celebrate the beautiful city of Chicago? Follow us on Instagram @100daysofchicago and Facebook @100daysofchicago.

Sauced Market Promo Image

Catch us at the Sauced Mini Night Market at Sleeping Village in Avondale this Thursday, August 22nd to shop the new Chicago Sticker Collection in person! We will have our new Chicago stickers, Chicago Style Postcards, and handmade greeting cards on display. Learn more on Sleeping Village’s website.