New Chicago Style Postcards by Lettering Works HAVE ARRIVED.

Learn more about the project via the Chicago Style Postcards Kickstarter.

Chicago Style Postcard Set

Hand-Lettered Chicago Style Postcard Set (6 Designs)
4x6’’ Soft Touch Standard Postcards

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When Lettering Works began in 2016, the original series of four Peoria Postcards - featuring the orange “Greetings from Peoria, Illinois” and three Illinois silhouette designs: “Peoria Illinois - The Whiskey City,” “I Heart Peoria, IL,” and “Greetings from Peoria, Illinois” - served as the foundation for establishing a presence in the community. The new line of Chicago Style postcards will help establish Lettering Works in the Chicago community and serve as the foundation for a growing collection hand-lettered Chicago products.

Peoria Postcards

Hello Chicago Design


The postcards’ design and development began before Lettering Works’ relocation to Chicago. Many individual designs are inspired by successful Peoria designs. Overall, they aim to promote community pride as well as better connect Lettering Works with the local community.