A Behind the Scenes Look at the Development of Bradley's New Mural

Bradley Mural design by Chelsie Tamms

Bradley is home to a bright, new spirit mural, thanks to a special collaboration between the University and Lettering Works. I couldn’t be more excited to bring a pop of color, illustration, and lettering to the wall outside of the bookstore.

For those who don’t know, I attended Bradley University from 2012-2016 and studied Graphic Design, Spanish, and Marketing. The idea of being able to leave a special mark on my university seemed completely surreal at first. The initial concept evolved as the project progressed and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Bradley Admissions was great to work with and truly allowed me to get creative with this project - the final design wasn’t what we had in mind when starting. Their flexibility ultimately allowed me to create something that I felt would resonate best with the Bradley community.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into the process of developing the custom design for Bradley:

Bradley Mural Design - Final Design Options

The initial concept was to have “Bradley” in large letters across the mural - with a space for students to stand in place and be the “Y” - I think this idea had potential, but wanted to additionally explore options where the mural could serve as a backdrop for all kinds of poses and moments. I envisioned a new freshman visiting for the first time and nervously standing in front, a senior in their graduation cap and gown, a sophomore with a recent award, a sports team celebrating a win, a close-knit group of sorority sisters, and more.

I wanted a design that allowed for all of these different people and groups to shine and profess their pride in the university. I further explored a radial design that places emphasis on the piece that’s actually not present in the design itself - the people. That’s what is so important about Bradley - any university or community - it’s the people and that’s what I felt this mural could highlight and celebrate.

Bradley Mural design by Chelsie Tamms

I hope you enjoy this mural as much as I do and consider snapping a picture next time you are on campus. If you do take a photo, be sure to tag @bradleyuniversity and @letteringworks! If you are in need of a custom branded mural for your organization, campus, or office - be sure to reach out to us via our contact form.