25 More Days of Peoria - Official Recap

Exactly one month ago, I announced that I was moving to Chicago and launching one last mini-series: 25 More Days of Peoria. The series featured twenty-five new illustrations and ran from May 7th through the end of the month, with a new illustration posted each day on Instagram.

100 Days of Peoria Book

100 Days of Peoria was undoubtedly one of my most impactful passion projects - connecting me with business owners, the community, and ultimately showcasing my design skills and heart for this wonderful community. Quite honestly, Peoria is filled with too many incredible places to highlight in a single project. I had a difficult time choosing from all of the wonderful options, shedding light on new places, and promoting positivity in our area. I hope this project inspired those following to try a new place and recognize the many assets and hidden gems their community has.

100 Days of Peoria Book Signing

Thank you to all who followed the project on Instagram, supported the 100 Days of Peoria: The Book Kickstarter, purchased a book*, came to the book launch party, and will follow and support my future passion projects like this one. 100 Days of Peoria has served as a key foundational element to my business.

Here’s the official recap of the latest twenty-five illustrations:

*100 Days of Peoria Books (and other Peoria merchandise) can be purchased from letteringworks.com/shop, the Peoria Riverfront Museum, and the Peoria Airport.